Remote work tools

Currently, many employees work remotely, and it is expected that working from home will grow exponentially in the coming years. Moreover, the extraordinary situation has undoubtedly accelerated the pace of change in the field of working from home. However, working remotely can present some challenges, such as communication and collaboration for dispersed teams. To help you figure out which tools might be helpful for you and your team, I gathered some of the tools we are using when working remotely. And download the Vidyard guide to learn how to record your desktop, your microphone, and/or your webcam with the Vidyard Chrome extension. 

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8 apps you need this summer

Hopefully you get some time off this summer. To assist you in having a great time, we at Zooma gathered some of the best apps for you to download.

Explore and enjoy the eight suggested apps!

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5 things to consider when starting a podcast

To create a podcast is easy but requires planning, patience and curiosity. Here are five things to consider when starting a podcast. 

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How do you display your online results internally?

If you want to monitor your brands online presence, and see how you are progressing, there are tools that can make a real difference, help decision making and start new conversations among internal teams.

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Amazon Dash: An attempt at reinventing grocery shopping

While online shopping in general has gone mainstream, grocery shopping has still some way to go before we can consider it a part of daily life for the masses. In April 2014 Amazon launched Amazon Dash, an ambitious attempt at reinventing how we buy our daily products by combining hardware, software and mobile.

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Say hello to HubSpot CRM

As you may know from following this blog or any of Zooma's offsite presence, this year we are attending HubSpot's annual INBOUND conference in Boston. Each year there are major product announcements and this year is no different. On stage this evening HubSpot's co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah announced two new important product updates for 2015; an integrated CRM system and the redesign of Signals into a new product called Sidekick. Here is what Brian and Dharmesh had to say as well as a brief overview in anticipation of a more detailed update to follow.

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The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride - online fundraising meets offline fun

Think motorcycles. Think bikers.

Do you get positive thoughts, or do images of thugs in leather vests like in the TV series Sons of Anarchy come to mind?

Most likely the latter, but think again: this is the story of how a very simple idea from a remote motorcycle club becomes a worldwide online phenomenon, creating awareness about and raising funds for prostate cancer research.

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What is HubSpot?

Because of online the foundation of effective marketing and communications has changed. 

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In August 2012, the blogging platform, was opened. It is created by the creators of Twitter and Blogger. Medium is featuring categorized medium-length blogs.

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May 2014 Trend Briefing - Consumer Trend Canvas

Every month there is a Trend Briefing from Trendwatching, it is always a good variation to read and think through. 

The May 2014 Trend Briefing contains a template for uncovering consumer trends called the Consumer Trend Canvas, embedded in this post.

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Remember when you were impressed by the gadgets you got at work?

If you think about it, I bet it’s been a while. Actually, it’s most likely been years since you reached that tipping point and went out and got yourself an iPhone or another device you really desired because your employer wasn’t able to supply you with it. Maybe you thought it strange or even frustrating back then, but by now you have most likely grown accustomed. This shift happened without most of us realising it, yet it was a milestone that has since left companies struggling to adapt in more ways than one.

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Google Introduces Drive

Today Google launched its online storage service “Drive” which it describes as “place where you can create, share, collaborate, and keep all of your stuff.” Essentially it is a cloud-based file storage which will compete with services such as Dropbox. Google Drive offers users 5 gigabytes of free storage, compared with 2 gigabytes free for Dropbox. One big difference between Dropbox and Google Drive is that you aren’t limited to just storing and viewing files in the latter; you can also edit or create files.

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