Lifecycle stages: Leads and prospects are real people!

I'm sure you've all heard the terms and acronyms: Leads, MQLs and Opportunities. In this article, I'm going to define and clarify what companies need to know about lifecycle stages. And I've included a downloadable PDF, where I define each stage for you.

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Digital definitions

The importance of talking about the same things when it comes to online and digital is crucial. All new initiatives and prioritisations, when it comes to online and digital, require that everyone involved use the same terminology and definitions. Therefore I have created 'Online and digital definitions' for you.

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What is Online vs. Digital?

Often I get the question; what is the difference between digital and online?

My advice is that you shall always think through what you mean when using the expressions online and digital. Here’s how I like to explain the two terms. 

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What is social selling and should you use it?

A while ago I noticed a post on LinkedIn that had lots of interactions, the post was about social selling. I looked at the comments and the post seemed to be fairly appreciated. I read the post and found it interesting from the perspective that it never explained what social selling is, nor why you should use it. So what is social selling? 

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A consistent nomenclature for HubSpot – 5 steps to the perfect internal naming convention

A prerequisite for being able to perform fast and accurate analytics in HubSpot (or any other tool for that matter) is to use coherent naming for activities. To come up with a suitable naming convention isn’t always easy and often takes more than a few iterations to get right, but it’s definitely worth the effort. In this blog post I’ll cover 5 steps to building an internal naming nomenclature, give examples and provide a template to help you in the right direction.

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What is an online lurker?

You might have heard of the term "lurker" before, but are not sure what it means. So, what is an online lurker? Read more to find out if you are one!

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What is a "use case based efficiency maker"?

Zooma claims that the only things that get a frequent use with high satisfaction online are "use case based efficiency makers". They are "the thing" – for now and forever.

At present, many of the "use case based efficiency makers" are apps. And they will most certainly be referred to as something else in the future. 

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Online Nomenclature - What is sharevertising?

To eductae, enlighten and guide you in the world of marketing and commununication we provide Zooma's online nomenclature, our own interpretations of words commonly used...

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Online Nomenclature - What is an interaction?

To eductate, enlighten and guide you in the world of marketing and commununication Zooma provides  online nomenclature, our own interpretations of words commonly used... 

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Online Nomenclature - What is KBI's?

To eductate, enlighten and guide you Zooma provides online nomenclature, our own interpretations of buzzwords commonly used when the subject is online and digital.

What is KBI's?

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Online Nomenclature - What is an online touchpoint?

An online touchpoint is the interface of a place online. This touchpoint is usually referred to as a contact point, customer contact, moment of truth, point of contact, etc.

Touchpoints are e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, a .com , a .xx, an Intranet, an app, Google, YouTube etc.

As online users we do run into these pre, during and post decisions, transactions, discussions, search and so forth.

Do not use expressions as channels etc., use the expression touchpoints. What are your thoughts?

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Online Nomenclature - What is the definition of online?

Every company shall make sure that the internal nomenclature is decided. To create a list of choosen names and terms for e.g. online presence and for marketing is a good start. The nomenclature shall be used to explain and define the different terms for internal stakeholders, valid external agencies and suppliers on an as needed basis. It shall be updated on a day to day basis.

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