How to clean your contact database – 5 criteria & common sense

The contact database is at the heart of your inbound efforts, and you have probably struggled to get it to where it’s at today. Eventually, however, you’ll reach a point when the number of contacts in your database and the quality of the leads (and customers) you’re generating is no longer paying the same dividends as it used to. The solution to this is to clean your database from time to time and get rid of those contacts that are no longer adding value to your pipeline. Here’s how it works!

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Say hello to HubSpot CRM

As you may know from following this blog or any of Zooma's offsite presence, this year we are attending HubSpot's annual INBOUND conference in Boston. Each year there are major product announcements and this year is no different. On stage this evening HubSpot's co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah announced two new important product updates for 2015; an integrated CRM system and the redesign of Signals into a new product called Sidekick. Here is what Brian and Dharmesh had to say as well as a brief overview in anticipation of a more detailed update to follow.

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CRM - Is the need to understand the customer more urgent than ever?

I am sure about the answer.And I am also confident that all companies and brands in the world need to think through if customers are more critical now than ever. 

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