‘Just go home and sleep!’ – or how to break a creative block

You know the feeling. The deadline is approaching extremely fast. You can’t even relax for a second to get into a state of creative Zen. When you are under time pressure, to come up with even a half decent idea often feels like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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10 things people hate about your website

People are used to quality and efficiency online, and if your site doesn’t hold up to those standards chances are that your visitor will leave and choose a competitor instead. Here are a few things to avoid if you don’t want to annoy your online visitor.

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The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride - online fundraising meets offline fun

Think motorcycles. Think bikers.

Do you get positive thoughts, or do images of thugs in leather vests like in the TV series Sons of Anarchy come to mind?

Most likely the latter, but think again: this is the story of how a very simple idea from a remote motorcycle club becomes a worldwide online phenomenon, creating awareness about and raising funds for prostate cancer research.

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Great ideas by disconnecting

When, where and how do you get creative? Is it when you brainstorm with others, sipping espresso at a café, in the shower or just minutes before you fall asleep (and forget all about it the next morning)? 

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