Why are you not on WeChat?

Some people have been talking about the death of Facebook for a while, claiming that young users are flocking to other platforms. While the death of Facebook is surely premature—as shown by this recent blog post—most companies today have an established social media strategy with an active presence in multiple offsite communities. Nevertheless, there are some glaring omissions from most western brands’ social media presence.

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Are Chinese Internet giants heading our way?

The Chinese tech market is dominated by Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent and until recently they have been focusing mainly on the domestic market. However, according to the China Tech Insight (which covers trending topics in China’s tech sphere), the region’s highly innovative and competitive Internet tech industry is now moving into a transition period. The sector as a whole is showing ambition and increasing capability for competing in a global marketplace.

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Chinese social media: The top platforms in 2016

Anyone with a global online presence has a need to know a lot about how the Chinese online market evolves and how Chinese people are using online and social media. This article is created as short beginners guide to introduce the subject. This article presents the top six social media sites in 2016 by the number of active users.

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