Every year, Mary Meeker of venture capital giant Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers comes out with a yearly Internet Trends Report. On June 1st it was time for the 2016 edition and if you want a good read for the summer holidays enjoy the full 213 pages. If not, this is our short top 10 takeaways from it. Enjoy!

#1 Internet users in India grows +40% vs last year

We’re now more than 3Bn internet users globally and in India in particular there is no sign of slowing down.

#2 China and emerging Asia stands for 2/3 of global growth in 2015

In 1985 it was the same share for North America, Europe and Japan.

#3 World population growth rate +1.2% (+2.0% in 1975)

Do you think families in developing countries have far more children than in the world’s most developed economies? Nope, times have changed. 

#4 Advertisers still invest too much in print and TV

% of time spent in media vs. % of advertising spending doesn’t add up. 

#5 Usage of adblockers skyrocket on mobile

Mobile adblockers +94% to 420MM users, desktop +16% to 220MM

#6 E-commerce now >10% of total retail sales in the US

And there is no sign of growth slowing.

#7 Image growth continues. Generation Z is primarily visual

Number of photos shared exceed 3Bn per day on WhatsApp, Instagram Facebook and Snapchat. Impacts discovering products and online shopping.

#8 Messaging continues to grow rapidly and goes B2C

Leaders are WhatsApp, Facebook and WeChat. Increasingly used by corporations to handle customer relations and commerce.

#9 Phone only the 5th most preferred way for people born after 1981 to communicate

Preferred choice? Chat (24%) and social media (24%). Email (21%) and apps (19%) all come way before phone (12% vs. 64% for people born 1945 to 1960). Are you prepared?

#10 Average global mobile user have 33 apps, 12 used daily

4 hours per day spend on their mobile device, 80% of that in just 3 apps.

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