A while ago a customer asked me 'What would be the first three things you would do if you were responsible for marketing and sales in a B2B company? I have created a one minute vlog with my answers.

To answer the question, I look to what high-growth companies in the digital age have in place that many other companies still struggle with. It's about bridging the knowing-doing gap and make sure that you have the tools in place to know who your customers are, what they want right now, and what they want next.

Here are the first three things I would focus on, enjoy watching!

Business strategy- The three first things I would in a B2B company video 2-1



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Martin Olausson

Chief Analyst & Digital Strategist since 2011. Martin helps clients interpret how online and digital impacts their business, and how to plan and execute a strategy to achieve maximum results in the digital age.
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