Yvonne Ehinger

Online Strategist at Zooma, 2016-2017
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Be the brand experience conductor for digital natives

The online landscape brings great possibilities. Digital natives grew up around connected devices and easily adapt to changes—when it brings convenience to them. How can you take your business and brand online and be the Brand Experience Conductor for this audience?

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Build a strong brand through simplicity

It is a challenge for many companies to simplify and make it easy for the customers to understand their offering. Hand on heart—who wants to say that your products or offering is simple? And yet that is of crucial importance to succeed. Why is that?

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How to get 100 employees to write blog posts

Quite often I get the question ‘how can we make our employees write blog posts?’ Having worked as a marketing manager for many years, I’ve had to tackle this very question quite a few times over the years and here are my tips based on what I’ve learnt.

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