Yeu-Kang Hua

Generalist-specialist in digital experiences, or a hybrid designer-developer if you must pigeonhole. Curiosity is Kang’s trademark and curse. Give him a problem to solve, and he renders you speechless. Make it impossible, and he—tragically—goes sleepless. Also quite good at HubSpot.
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Design tools 2019: Are you still using Photoshop to design websites?

‘Once upon a time, there was a client who demanded all designs to be delivered in PSD format, aka. Photoshop files, and each in two variants: desktop and mobile'...

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Improve your online presence: Make your words inseparable

Let’s get nerdy. I’m back with some practical tips on how you can improve your online presence through fundamental web knowledge that will give your content the polish it deserves. There will be some light HTML talk for all of you who fancy that.

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The failure button

It goes without saying that a great user experience in the interaction with a product is crucial for achieving customer satisfaction. My colleague Stellan wrote about this just recently, and there are already many articles covering the topic of UX design, so in this post I’m going to talk about what I personally believe are the two most important components of any kind of user interaction.

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How to challenge without failing

This is a story of my personal experiences and reflections at INBOUND 2015, a business event hosted by HubSpot that took place in Boston last year.

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Improve your online presence: Dealing with long post titles

Here’s an early Halloween story for online or web editors: The meticulously phrased and, just five minutes ago, perfected headline you created looks totally hideous on a smartphone. The long sophisti­cated word that you found in the thesaurus reminds you of how bad that stylish shirt you just bought fits. What to do?

This is the first blog post in Zooma’s series ‘Improve your online presence’, where we will provide tips and tricks, or secrets if you would, that will finally make you a master over your online presence.

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How to use ads to supercharge your Inbound Marketing

When Dharmesh Shah boldly announced the HubSpot Ads Add-on on the main stage at #INBOUND15, by admitting that they had finally ‘gotten over themselves’, it was a clear testament to the relevance of paid ads as an integral part of inbound marketing. In this blog post I will explain to you why and how you should use ads to supplement your inbound campaigns.

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