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Specialist in generalism. Content generalist with decades of experience from all kinds of content, notably online content. Bungee jumps from strategic heights down to nuts and bolts and bounces back again. Sometimes the bungee cord fails, leaving Pé upon the outlook platform – or down in the nitty-gritty details.
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Content creation: What is content quality?

In the world of inbound marketing, everything is about providing quality content to your audience. And, the main criterion for quality is that the content is relevant to the recipient. But will relevance be enough for creating quality content? No! There are other aspects of quality that makes your content appealing and effective. Here are some things you should consider. At the end of this article, you can download a content creation guide.

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How you turn a trade show visitor into a digital lead

Most likely, your company is organised for generating leads online. All your colleagues live and breathe digital, taking every opportunity to come up with ideas for new and relevant content, attracting your personas. But even if this is obvious for companies that have come a long way, there are times when people suddenly get back to analogue...

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If you know how, show how!

How could you ever fix a stuck shutter on granny’s old German Zeiss camera without spending a fortune on a professional repair? Or, how could you improve your customers’ brand experience by helping them out with optimal use of your product? The answer is YouTube and user-generated content. Join the greatest potluck of all times—and bring something to share!

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Reflections and snapshots from #INBOUND2016

Attending the INBOUND2016 event in Boston is like entering a world of online progress. Thousands and thousands of attendees are breathing optimism and all share the eagerness to develop communication. Here are countless sessions conveying the latest ideas on technology and content from an inbound perspective. And that’s what the event is very much about—content. Content from the most different perspectives and aspects; all the way from global content strategies down to hands-on tips on how to improve your existing content. Here are a couple of snapshots for you. Have a bite!

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What makes content good, great or out of this world?

Shouldn’t have gone there! I know, but I couldn’t resist. Curiosity—or maybe a touch of masochism—made me google to find out what the world’s content experts consider as good content. With literally thousands of opinions and advice from experienced professionals, now I know what makes content good!

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Why the user manual could be the ideal Inbound content

We’ve seen it a thousand times: The launch campaign is rolling out. There are ads all over the place and the brochures still spread a scent of printing ink. The photographers and creatives have really bent over backwards to create an emotional approach—you should want this new gizmo from the bottom of your heart! But there are people who don’t think with their hearts.

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