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Tips for creating engaging video content online

If you can only add one more thing to your inbound content mix, you should focus on video. According to Cisco, video will represent 79% of all Internet traffic by 2020 and it is already the fastest growing content format online by far. YouTube is increasingly used as a search engine, and as such has become the second largest search engine after Google.

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How to pull off the perfect photo/video production

In a previous blog post ‘Inspiring content that triggers personas’, I wrote about the importance of creating content that feels engaging—the emotional side of content that help building a likeable brand. In this blog post I’m writing about the rational side, which will help you get in control before starting off a complex photo or video production.

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‘Just go home and sleep!’ – or how to break a creative block

You know the feeling. The deadline is approaching extremely fast. You can’t even relax for a second to get into a state of creative Zen. When you are under time pressure, to come up with even a half decent idea often feels like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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Buyer’s journey content that makes impact

Don’t merely trust offsite touch points and their way of creating attraction to your valuable content. If you only rely on the offsite touch point’s efficiency—you’re also forced to play with their rules, with less flexibility and control.

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Inspiring content that triggers personas

Get to know your personas to be able to pick up their ‘tone-of-voice’ when it comes to how to communicate with them in a dialogue, not a monologue. Don’t try to pretend that you can walk the walk and talk the talk, without having done your homework first, i.e. getting to know your target audience (your personas) and their needs.

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Personalisation without being intrusive

What you need to consider in the future of online and digital content is that it will become more personalised! An interesting thought: What will happen with your campaigns in the near future, when the Digital Natives, who are very digitally savvy, are ready to sacrifice privacy for personalisation?

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Creating platforms to support Inbound, brand & communication

Using an Inbound methodology will help you streamline your content and communication as a brand. But in order to succeed, it’s important that you have done your homework and created a solid base to stand upon. Part of the solution is to create platforms that can guide your whole communication as a brand.

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How to build a smarter brand using on-the-fly, real-time communication

The way people communicate today creates new possibilities to have a dialogue that feels authentic. The most important is that it is happening right here, right now. Thanks to daily exposure of different online Touch Points and content streams, we use online and consume digital content way faster than traditional media.

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Things that help you create a loveable brand online

Have you ever thought about what to do to be loved and not only liked as a brand? In this post we write about some of our thoughts on what is important when it comes to creating content that inspires and creates engagement with your brand.

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