Niyat Ghebremichael

Niyat is a content creator at Zooma since 2019. She loves to create content​ and helps to bring campaigns and ideas to life.
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Interesting things we’ve bookmarked recently (Oct 2019)

Continuing upon a series we started in 2013, we’re sharing with you some of the most interesting articles, studies and resources the Zooma team have recently bookmarked. We hope you find them thought-provoking and useful! 

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How well do you know Instagram? Take the quiz!

A modern sales and marketing person should know Instagram inside out. So, I’ve put together a quiz asking about statistics and facts. Take the quiz and find out how well you actually know Instagram.

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How well do you know LinkedIn?

A modern sales and marketing person should know LinkedIn inside out. So, I've put together a quiz asking about LinkedIn statistics and facts. Take the quiz and find out how well you know LinkedIn.

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How to plan your Social Media content

I believe that you shall plan, coordinate, and schedule all your social content in advance with a Social Media Content Calendar. Feel free to download our free template to organise your Social Media posting.

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How to drive traffic from Instagram

Millions of people use Instagram every day – from users to influencers and companies. Our Instagram account "zooma_and_friends" is one of the 25 million business accounts on Instagram. Today, we want to share our experience about how you can drive Instagram traffic to your website, blog, or any other page.

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The most downloaded content offers of the first half of 2019

During the first half of 2019 Zooma published lot's of content offers to make your life easier. Have a look at a summary of the most downloaded content offers on The Onlinification Blog of the first half of 2019. Perhaps you want to download some of them, enjoy!

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Summer reading 2019

Summertime is the perfect time to relax and read a book. You'll find a variety of book recommendations in different genres, and perhaps you'll discover a book of your taste to enjoy while in the park, at the beach or on your next summer road trip. Explore and enjoy Zoomers' summer reading list 2019!

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How do you tackle content creation?

The other day one of our friends asked me how I tackle content creation. Below I try to summarise the discussion we had.

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What is the difference between a blog, vlog and slog?

Blog, vlog, slog What do all these terms and abbreviations mean? Just last week I heard the word 'slog' for the first time when a colleague came up with the idea to record an audio version of a blog post and publish it on our blog he called it a slog! Marketers are often confronted with confusing abbreviations, acronyms and jargon in which the meaning isn’t immediately obvious. So, I decided to explain these three abbreviations briefly.

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