Martin Egerström

Martin E. is Account and Project Manager at Zooma since 2005 with the privilege of being part of a continuous and dedicated journey that my client started five years ago; adapting communication to the Internet and involving the outside world to remain relevant in a continually changing world.
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How to get tangible results from trade shows

"How shall I think when I want to exhibit at a trade show?" I get this question quite often from our friends. Below you find some advice on how you could think and act to get tangible results when exhibiting at a trade show.

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Is your organisation structured to manage change?

If your organisation has passed its start-up phase, it’s most likely structured and optimised to achieve efficiency. Like the vast majority of mature companies you almost certainly also have a hierarchical structure for decision making, run by managerial processes such as planning, budgeting, measuring and problem-solving. All necessary to make things work on a day-to-day basis—without them, things will be chaotic and almost impossible to manage. However, that which makes organisations efficient and easy to manage is often also what makes them rigid and reluctant to change once a need or an opportunity presents itself.

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How you make people want to change

Changing people’s habits and behaviours doesn’t come easy. Changing how a whole company does things is an even greater challenge. To succeed you need to create a feeling of urgency within the organisation that is strong enough to break through and get people’s attention. 

But how do you get a large number of people in your organisation to see and feel the need for change that you already see?

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Why is it so hard to change?

Advancing technology and globalisation has evened out the playing field in most industries. There are now new ways to fund start-up investment, technology and knowledge is accessible for the masses, and reaching a global audience has never been easier (if you have done your homework right). So why is it so difficult for most large companies to take advantage of this brave new world?

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Why you should have a Company Page on LinkedIn

Being connected with your target groups online is a key success factor today—regardless of the type of business you are in.

And LinkedIn's position online is so strong that you simply can’t afford not to be there

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Zooma encourages you to take Corporate Social Responsibility

The number of people globally displaced by conflict everyday has quadrupled in the past five years. Humanitarian agencies can no longer fully cope. They are in a financial crisis and are not able to meet even the absolute minimum requirements of protecting and lifesaving assistance.

This is why Zooma, as part of our CSR policy, has decided to become a supporting company to UNHCR, the UN refugee agency. UNHCR is on site everyday giving refugees immediate emergency help. And they need help to help.

Please join us, your support will make a difference.

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