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Project Manager 2010-2018
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How a project brief lays the foundation for a successful project

When a project starts there is often a requirement and wish for final delivery or launch as soon as possible. It can therefore seem like an advantage timewise to skip or just do a ‘quick and dirty’ project brief without using a proper brief template. However, that is usually an illusion that ends up costing you more time in the long term. In this post I lay out the rationale for using a proper project brief and how to use it.

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7 steps to maximize the outcome when buying a project from an agency

In many marketing departments it is common to buy projects from external agencies. The projects differ in size, level of importance and strategic relevance. Regardless, there are some actions you can take in order to maximize the outcome of a project that you are buying from an agency. In this post I will give seven steps that I have seen been very successful.

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How to reallocate budget from outbound to inbound marketing activities

When implementing a greater proportion of inbound activities in the marketing activity plan there is often new requirements not only on the marketing department but also on other parts of the organisation. In order to deal with this efficiently, these requirements need to be part of your budgeting process. Here is some advice on how to proceed.

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