Cecilia Langenius

Cecilia is a Project Manager that loves to be part of global project teams. She drives her projects with a clear purpose and a fixed timetable. Cecilia cares about details and she loves checklists. There are few things that can affect her always good mood.
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How can I repurpose our marketing and sales content?

I often get the question from my customers: "How can I repurpose our marketing and sales content?". So, I decided to write a brief article about it. My advice is to create less new content but instead, focus more on repurposing content. You can reach a new audience or get a better impact with repurposed content.

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Virtual meetings – how to adapt your communication skills

Virtual meetings are already the norm for most organisations—they have become an everyday business reality but few of us have adapted our skills to truly master them. Being able to virtually participate in a meeting has some great advantages. However, being able to plan, facilitate and participate in a successful virtual meeting brings a number of challenges.

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