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Zooma is a full service agency that creates and delivers online marketing and communications strategies, concepts, productions and solutions.

Our clients include international brands that want to make online a key part of their customers’ experience. We tend to take a long-term view, when working with assignments, to evolve our clients’ online presence.

Measurability for verifying business objectives are key to how we work, and we fully understand that developing a brand’s online presence also requires organisational and operational development.

Zooma Team

Zooma Team

Create And Deliver

We educate, enlighten and guide brands to achieve their online ambitions, either on retainer and/or project basis.

Our services include:

  • Online Strategy, Planning, Marketing, Communications, Branding
  • Full Online Presence (Onsite & Offsite)
  • Concept, Interaction Design & Design
  • Content Creation & Production
  • 3D & Computer Generated Imagery
  • Apps (iOS & Android)
  • Tools (WCMS, EMM, Onsite & Offsite Measurement)
  • Traffic to Brand (EMM, SEO/SEF & SEM)
  • Annual Activity Plans
  • Analysis, Analytics, Measurement & Statistics



Zooma makes sure our clients build effective customer relationships online and show them how to fully use online to achieve defined objectives.

Most brands believe themselves to have strong customer relations, but very few actually do. Zooma have experience of supporting established global brands to enhance their online presence and of helping brands with global ambitions to establish an international online presence.

You can view some of our clients’ launches and projects by following us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ or LinkedIn.


Zooma Team

Zooma Team


So Far

Zooma was established in 2001 by some former employees of one of Europe’s largest internet companies.

Experience from working in the early internet era, and with branding and advertising in the 90′s, made us realise that online eventually would become the hub for all relations, transactions and communications. All brands had a need to modernise and evolve their way of working, and that’s why we started Zooma (‘Zooma’ is Swedish for ‘to zoom’).

Our early insight has been proven correct and everything indicates that online’s importance is on the increase. While we believe that the online evolution has only started, we are convinced that the whole world has already adapted behaviour, which proves the fact that online is the hub.

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And last, but not least: Get insights and outlooks, details and more on the Zooma blog where we share our notes and thoughts about online.

Zooma Team